How to increase search rankings on search engines for Tradesman?
If you are a tradesman with an online presence and struggling to rank high on search engines, don’t worry, you are in the right place. SEO can help you achieve higher rankings and bring customers to your business. Our focus is on SEO 4 Tradesman and getting your website up to the top of search engines,

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to increase your organic (un-paid, natural) rankings on a search engine. Increased rankings on various search engines can bring lots of traffic to your website. Lots of traffic will result in lots of business and increased revenue.
To opt for SEO for your website, you can go to a SEO company which is specialized in SEO processes and has good experience in this field. These experienced professionals can give you advice on what changes are needed on your current website to improve your search rankings. Some SEO companies may also make the changes on behalf of you.
Our approach may be different from other companies as we choose for better results without taking any risks, as our focus is to protect your site against penalisation from any future Google updates. Indeed the SEO process is relatively simple. But you have to follow some rules set by search engines for page (website) rankings.

The rules can be as follows:

  • The content on your website should be relevant.
  • Your website should not contain any sort of malware (virus).
  • You should have backlinks (links from other websites) from good sources (websites that are ranked higher in search engines).
  • Your website should follow standards set by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
  • The number links on your website should be small.
  • Your website should contain a site map.
  • The links on your site should not be broken (invalid).
  • The HTML used on your website should be correct.
  • You should not deceive your users.
  • Your website must be engaging to users.
  • You should avoid tricks to improve your search rankings.

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